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Capital Insurance

Trading is a risk oriented endeavour, that is why we have taken a giant innovative step to reduce the level of risk that a trader will deal with, especially for the fact that we aim at aiding beginner traders to trade conveniently and confidently. Therefore, we offer our clients the opportunity to insure 100% of their capital to minimize risk.


  • TRADE WITH MINIMAL RISK. trading and investing in securities is a risk oriented business, but at LumenTrades, we have put in effort to minimize the risk level in trading.
  • We have introduced insurance of securities, this insurance covers 75% of your capital to ensure that you never lose that insured 75% even if the market goes upside down.
  • For A trader or an investor to qualify to insure his/her capital, he/she must have at least, $20,000 within his business portfolio and is to pay 1% insurance premium.
  • This enables traders to make even riskier endeavors that seem profitable, without fear of losing their whole capital.
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