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At Lumentrades we render an amazing total ETF investing experience. Our platform is convenient for both beginner investors and sophisticated experienced investors. With over 1000 commission-free ETfs to select from on our platform. You have a wide range of opportunities to enable you attain your financial goals, no matter how lofty. Our ETFs are brought to you by some of the most trusted and credible names in the industry.


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  • More opportunities - Access over 1000 commission-free ETFs. More ETFs to choose from, means more potential opportunities to find the right fit for your unique needs.
  • More trading hours - Trade on your schedule with 24/5 trading. Select ETFs can now be traded 24 hours a day, 5 days a week (excluding market holidays), giving you access to more potential market opportunities.
  • Helpful tools - Use the ETF Comparison Tool to find ETFs that match your trading goals based on performance, cost and 3rd party analyst rankings.
  • Comprehensive education - Explore articles and videos, webcasts, in-person events and immersive courses on a range of topics, from ETF basics, to in-depth subjects like risks associated with leveraging, and measuring liquidity.
  • Fair and objective research - Trade confidently with in-depth research on historical and expected future fund performance
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